My Intro

Hi, I am a freelancer, you can call me Chadong. I am a graduate of computer engineering and I have countless experiences in all the sectors of Computer & Information Technology. Research & Application is one of my hobbies. Learning everything as much as I could. I.T. is such a broad field and a huge pond to play with.

I have built this website to extend my services to anyone who requires all-around help and services that are pocket-friendly. One of the most important things for me is to build a network of trust and circles of friends with each other.

I tend to enjoy working and helping peoples grow their business or even their personal website. I tend to offer and consider some freebies to my clients and I always assure them satisfaction. So if you are looking for some friendly and professional folk to work with, then how about you send me an email?!

How I Do it?

I have a full time job as a System Administrator and I always get time to help others and many of my friends. So don’t worry about your requirements if you are going to have any of my services. I always have time for friends like you.You can always contact me and give me a buzz.

My Vision

Providing a helping hand to others who needs IT supports or virtual assisting in a friendly manner with professional finished work. And building network of fiends and friends. A world in digital that everyone getting their dreams and goals.


Excellent experience in study,research,testing and application in Computer Technology; hardware servicing, software application, backup/restore,virus removal, server setups & business setup, computer networking/ cabling, website development, and digital marketing

My Timeline

My timeline history how I became expert in these professional field. Being an I.T. is very tough and fun. Too much broad to master everything, everyday is new learning process.

Focused on Hardware Servicing
Network Specializing
Software Reseach & Testing
Graphics Multimedia Design
Computer Engineering
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